Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Down to 7 days!

I finally got a lot accomplished! I got Lil' Anna groomed, and some mail ready to be sent, I got my checklists laminated, and made a few T-shirts - some of which I have been wanting to make now for months. One says, "Wicked Awesome!" (that one is my favorite). Another says, "Everyone needs some Mo-Joe" and the third one says "Joes Taco Bano" with the tagline "For when you need "to-go". There is also another one that says "Un-Average Joe" that I didn't post a picture of.

No cleaning was accomplished, but I did make dinner! Bourbon chicken was tonight and the leftovers will be made into a chicken fried rice tomorrow. And I also got an oil change on my mother-in-laws Altima. $18.00! It was the cheapest I could find in Roswell/Alpharetta.

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Christina said...

Lil' Anna looks so ticked in that picture! Too funny.