Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Finger For Each Day Left (counting on one hand only - I do have all ten of my fingers still)

It is Thursday, and I was determined this morning to do nothing getting ready wise for the day (like getting dressed, putting in contacts, shower, etc...) So I awoke this morning to a big glass of lactose free chocolate milk. I am still loving my chocolate! I immediately got started on my cleaning for the day. I started in the main bedroom, got about half of that done, then went downstairs and worked on the foyer area and got half of that done. Then I gave up for the day. It was about noon and time for lunch. I had some left over chicken fried rice. I make some gooooood fried rice. Secret ingredient: egg. It's not so much the secret ingredient, but when to add the secret ingredient. It makes a world of difference when added at the right time. After lunch I read two more chapters of Twilight. Nothing new in the book worth blogging, but still a good book so far. Then it happened. :( Chelsea came home and needed to go shopping which meant my plan was ruined. I needed to put on pants and put my contacts in. But on the bright side I got to Heely today. I love my Heelys. And I bought a new lamp for my bedroom. $7.99!!! Most of the lamps were between $15.99-$60.00. Came home and had burgers for dinner, had a little ice cream, and took a nap. I woke up when Elizabeth got home from school around 8:00pm. I should be in bed by 11:00pm. What an old fogey I have become...

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