Saturday, August 9, 2008

2 Weeks Before

Things are finally coming together. I am no longer an employee at Blue Ridge Mountain Waters, or anywhere full-time for that matter. I still have the job with Encore Park though - and we have shows with Charlie Daniels and a Boston/Styx concert coming up next week. But what I am most excited about is that I received my paperwork and calendar for the Music Builds Tour. I will be with the Third Day camp, but also on tour will be Switchfoot, Robert Randolph and Jars of Clay. I intend to try to keep this blog up throughout the tour with updates no less frequently than once a week. I know the next upcoming week will be busy just getting ready for I am going to attempt getting everything I wanted to get done in the last 6 months done in 10 days (oil changes, yard work, house cleaning, packing, cat grooming...) while still squeezing in working two concerts and running the lights at church. Luckily, I can put some of the stuff off until after the first leg of the tour when there will be a two week vacation/break/cram-whatever-I-didn't-get-done-before-the-tour-started session. That will be nice.

Get your tickets now while they are still available!!

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