Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The DVD of the year!!

Last night was one of the coolest events of the year so far! Third day had a preview party of their new Revelations DVD. Hosted by Third Day and concerts by fellow present and previous tour mates Revive, Brandon Heath, and Jars of Clay! All of the concerts rocked! Revive brought their energy and opened up bringing everyone to their feet playing a mix of old and new songs. Brandon Heath got us all to sing along to "Open My Eyes" and Jars gave us all a taste of what to expect on their new album playing only new songs - really good new songs! If you haven't already, you need to get all of these albums. These concerts were followed up with a 30 minute meet'n'greet of all the artists, and then the grand finale. The DVD preview on the big screen. This was a phenomenal insight into the Third Day life on stage, behind the scenes, and into their family life. You meet everyone from their wives, Mac's parents, and the tour crew. Also included was what went into and lead up to the Music Re-builds concert event. I am not ashamed to say that being a part of making that happen, and then seeing it on the big screen made me cry. An entire city saw what God can do through the hearts of everyone that was on that tour.

Jars of Clay

Brandon Heath


Revive with Mac Powell

Third Day emceeing

Also included on the DVD - me 4 times! Me and my wife couldn't help but cheer all four times. One shot of me in a hall, one shot of just my torso during the meet'n'greet in the ATL, one shot of me walking quickly out of cameras site as the band walked down the hall, and one shot of me behind Switchfoot during the Music Re-builds promotional interviews. Woohoo!!!