Friday, August 22, 2008

Day Two-zay is a doo-zay

I got the hang of a lot of things. Being only day two and all Isn't too shabby (at least that's what I keep telling myself). I got a head start on things yesterday which helped out a lot. I had about 1/4 of my work prepared. The rest of the day was spent just trying to keep up. We are all trying to keep our sanity getting into the swing of things and the weird hours. Showers are a fleeting luxury. Lunch seems to be a fable only our grandmothers might remember. And touring still rocks! One thing that I thought was funny/interesting that happened today was during the meet and greet we ran out of posters to get signed. Because of that, one of the boys that was there (maybe 13-ish) waited to see if more posters were coming. Posters were nowhere to be found, so David had me fetch some souvenir drumstix earlier and I still had a spare pair that Jenn said to give to the kid. I did and when I was handing them over, he almost fell over. He literally looked like he was about to pass out. I asked if he was OK, and he couldn't answer. I just know I helped to make that kids day with such a simple gesture. THAT is what it is all about!

...and here is Jenn, Third Day's tour manager. Being the silly wacky sleep deprived hungry people we are...

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