Saturday, August 16, 2008

Three Days (Grace) to Third Day!

Charlie Daniels had his concert last night which I worked at. He did really well, but I wasn't much for the other acts. During the day yesterday though, I did absolutely nothing other than watch movies On-Demand and make lunch. Very productive on the "not being productive" front. Today was very similar. Except I went out with Elizabeth to the Waffle House and watched Tropic Thunder. We also went to The Counter (a new burger joint in town) which was unique and worth at least a one time visit. Also did a Wal-mart run. For me it was mostly for a bag of chips and dip, but E needed some other stuff too. I also got a few remaining questions answered about the tour so now I know everything there is to know about the tour! j/k I wish I knew everything. I am hoping to learn it all though from Jenn. She is a powerhouse of information and I hope to be a vacuum of learning. That sounded so cheesy. I think I will end on that note.

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