Monday, August 18, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

It is Monday. Yesterday, lights went very well in Extreme. I had Zaxby's with Chelsea, came home and read more of my book, and then worked at the Boston/Styx concert. I worked away from the show for the first half (Styx). They sounded pretty good. Then Boston came on. It took me a few minutes to recognize the voice which was not the original Boston voice, but that of Michael Sweet - lead singer of Stryper! Once I realized that every song sounded like a Stryper cover of a Boston tune. Still a good show, just a little different. I have worked all day on the house cleaning and organizing and the finishing touches on my packing. I think I am 90% ready. The other 10% I cannot pack until tomorrow, so i am pretty much done for the day other than some more TV watching and reading more of my book. I cannot wait until tomorrow! Work starts promptly at 7pm! Do not be late! :)

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