Thursday, September 11, 2008

Like the first day of school...for the second time this year...on the Third Day tour...on our fourth show...

Today was fun. At least this morning was funny. Jenn tells me last night we are going to wake up before everyone and get all the directional signs hung up before anyone awakes. So I set my alarm for 6:45am (usually we start at 8:00am) and I get up and ready and off the bus by 7:00am. Then I get a text from Jenn stating our plans were "foiled again!" I was confused because as I look around nobody is moving within site of me. Then I realize she was talking about me, but by this time signs are already being hung by yours truly! She told me later she kept creeping around saying "Joe, Joe" looking for me to get up and start moving (it is dark in the sleeping area of the bus). I was already half done by the time I saw Jenn departing from the bus after trying to track me down.
Third Day also had to make interview calls to Australia today. We used phone cards and trying to use a phone card is a bit more difficult than you would think if you are calling internationally. It took me 30 minutes to finally get a phone to ring in Australia! And Outback doesn't even open there until 5pm! Last time I call for take-out.
Jenn and Joe vs. The World results:
The World only scored on us 3 times. So we stayed on top of everything but 3 things. Not bad for a day full of a thousand things to do and a thousand other things that could go wrong.

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