Sunday, September 14, 2008

For Jackie!!

We watched a TV show last night called the 723lb woman. It was a bout a woman who broke her ankle, which caused her to gain 600 lbs (the short version of the story). She underwent stomach stapling and lost about 300lbs. It was good for her, but while we were watching the surgery, Jenn was getting a little disturbed by the images and so I offered her a meatball Hot Pocket. She refused. We all laughed. There have been several comments on Jackie since then. There is also a T-shirt we saw while watching TV that said "I have no idea what your talking about", I am thinking about getting one.
I have worn Joe shirts the entire tour without repeating a shirt yet. Nobody has noticed the reference. Bummer...

Prank of the day: The hazer set in Switchfoot's dressing room. The hazer is the fog machine. The stage crew set off the fire alarm and had to find fans to air it all out of the room before the firemen showed up.

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