Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ice, Ice Baby

Ice Ice
Stop. Collaborate. And listen. Here is my frustrating story of the day. I have to ice buses as one of my chores. That just means I make sure the built in coolers are full of drinks and ice. I got all the buses iced other than Third Day's. And today was a day when instead of having the 20lb bags, they had the 40lb bags of ice. I carry the bag of ice on my shoulder to Third Day's bus and enter as usual. I set the ice down to check the drinks to make sure they were stocked before I did the ice. I stocked the drinks, iced the cooler and then grabbed the ice to continue to the back of the bus to check the drinks of the second cooler and ice that one. As soon as I got past the carpeted area and onto the tile, the bottom of the bag dropped out and a third of the remaining ice fell out onto the tiles. So I grab the bottom of the bag and flip it over (the top was still closed). But then the top of the bag gave way releasing another third of the bag between all of the bunks. The remaining third of ice I put into the back cooler. I then spent the next 15 minutes collecting ice off the floor of Third Day's bus. And the next 15 minutes cleaning the other pile of ice and wiping the floor by hand with paper towels.

On the bright side of things Elizabeth came to the show and spent some time backstage with me and my peoples. We got to sit down and have dinner together. And while having dinner, she and Christina (from our small group) got to meet the guys from Jars of Clay. It was so nice to be able to sit and enjoy a meal for once.

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