Sunday, September 21, 2008


Gnash-ville: to have the sound of gnashing ringing in your ears from running around non-stop in the midst of way too many people in one place at one time, specifically Nashville. The beginning of the day started out slow as I tried to wake up, and just could not. Juice did not help. Snickers did nothing. Amp energy drink was futile. Only the rush of 5:30pm on show day could get me going again. Once 5:30pm hit it was every man for himself. Or in my case every man for Third Day and Switchfoot in the meet'n'greet. And then things kept going in the office for a while as they had interviews to do and we had the box office having issues with someone else's tickets but only had our number so we couldn't help them. I also was able to meet Tim Taber (for the second time. I did not realize it was him the first time.) Tim Taber was the lead singer of The Prayer Chain in the 90's. Their song "Worm" is still one of my favorite songs of all time. I also now realize first hand what Elizabeth means when she adds on "...and the whole school has tiles..." when she talks about how bad her feet hurt at the end of the day. My feet hurt. I cannot wait for a day of relaxation.

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