Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chattanooga Rock City!

I took a little pit stop on the way to Nashville. I swung into Rock City Georgia and did a little tourisming. Here are some pics:

Now the creepy part! Whoever thought this was a good idea for a grand finale is twisted. I literally got scared half-way through this cave of fairytales for children. They were playing songs sung by children's choirs while you look at all of these fairy tale characters including wolves, dwarfs, mice being chased by a woman shaking a farmer's knife at three blind mice - all under blacklight. And the sign at the entrance says, "no smoking". How ironic, cuz I think that's what the artist was doing when she built this creep show. BTW - I am afraid of dolls, so the tiny little miscolored people and animals didn't help.

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