Friday, October 10, 2008

My wednesday and Thursday in MN...

Wednesday I awoke and after preparing for the day, I went to breakfast at Denny's with my father. We then trekked to WalMart and Target for a few gifts for some friends of mine. It took 2 WalMarts and a Target to find gifts that I felt satisfied with - and to find glow-in-the-dark silly string (more pics of that to come) I then napped for a couple hours before joining The Pond family for dinner at Cici's pizza. I was not welcome there as I am in the south. I was greeted with a nice polite, "Welcome to Cici's." Where as in Georgia, we are welcomed with a shouting, "WELCOME TO CICI's!!!"
After dinner we spent an hour with the Ponds at the park. I then continued to church and saw several of my old church friends.
I rolled out of bed and got ready to see the grandparents. Dad wanted to leave by 8:00am, so the day came no earlier than any other day I have to get up. I slept for the most of the 2 hour drive there. As we arrived both my grandparents were found alive and doing fine. Grandma was strong enough to cook up the sides as Grandpa grilled away some brauts and hamburgers. MMM MMM GOOD! Lunch was followed by a friendly game of hand and foot (cards for you deprived folk who may not recognize that name). Once again followed by a 2 hour nap as we drove back home.
I spent Thursday with my Grandparents out in Grove City. Grove city is within minutes of the largest ball of twine in the world.
Dad dropped me off at our hotel (bus) for the night. He was able to meet Jenn there. That was nice since he was not coming to the concert Friday. After the crew made it, we all gathered and shuttled off to the Mall of America. We wandered for a few and then settled in at a Tony Roma's. I was finally treated with a birthday dessert at a restaurant for free this year! I am glad I asked! Dave J ate the ice cream half and I ate the chocolate molten lava cake drizzled in hot chocolate sauce.

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I missed a game of Hand and Foot?!?! ... I rock at that game :)