Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's my party, and I will steal a golf cart if I want to

Yesterday was my Birthday! I am now 33. That is old in dog years. Highlights of my birthday include:
1-Balloons in the office
2-Special day of Joe's Playlist on the Ipod most of the day
3-A present from Jars of Clay! Completely unexpected.
4-A toast from David Carr and Nigel James (Third Day road pastor)

5-2 bottles of Sparkling Apple Cider that several of us shared
6-A mission with Jenn to steal a golf cart and go on a joyride. Explanation: Jenn has started a list of things to do before the tour ends. One was steal a golf cart from the venue and go on a joyride. So we snuck out and found a golf cart parked in front of their production trailer. So we ran to it, jumped in and tore off at a whopping 5mph with apple ciders in hand. It was dark outside and I did not realize until afterwards that no one could have been able to tell what we were drinking. We drove all the way out front to the parking lot cruising through the isles until we found orange police cones. Then we slalomed down them until we were 100 feet from the police officers where I decided to u-turn. Upon doing so, I noticed an empty gravel parking lot to our left. I found the entrance and proceeded at break-toothpick speed. Fishtailing through the empty parking lot was a blast - especially with no doors or seat belts. Safety Second! Then we headed back to the office and as we passed people, Jenn would yell, "Joe is 33!!" and I would follow with a "Woohooo!"
7-The Count spent the day in the refrigerator. He was purple by the end of the night
8-Michael was at a wedding leaving us to do all his work. That made things busy.
9-And the best for last: I got several e-cards from Elizabeth. They made me laugh.

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