Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's Closing Time

We are in the final hours of the tour and a lot has happened today. Several goodbyes, some tears shed, and lots of pictures (to be posted later). We took a group picture also. I was able to attend devotions today for the first time - because I actually had time. Jenn and I used our passes to take pictures during Jars, Switchfoot, and Third Day's sets. The Jars guys made a Kodak moment with their white outfits. We had pasta for dinner. We cleaned out the road cases. "Switchfoot loves New Kids on the Block. Nuclear Hoedown made a slight comeback. I broke the doorhandle off a door and got trapped in the production office. I broke a candle on the floor by accidentally bumping up against a trash can with my booty. I had BBQ for breakfast. I got to Heely across the stage. And I think I get to go on stage during the encore tonight!

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